5 Excellent Tools to Make the Most of PDF Files

turbopdfPDF is widely used. No matter, whether we use it for personal matters or for work, it offers us an easily accessible and trustworthy format which is globally popular because of the convenience people find in it to share documents. Smooth working over multiple platforms is another great feature of PDF because of which users can interact using PDFs on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS.

Don’t you feel that you should know more about this multi-faceted format beyond simple reading and printing? Here are tricks and tools that will help you make the most of PDF files.

1.Working Effectively with PDFs

If you want to make the most of PDFs, you should work effectively with PDF files. Now you can do this easily with TurboPDF. This is the software with which you can not only form professional-looking PDF archives, but also secure, collaborate and edit them. The software has some outstanding features like Scan and OCR – OCR support, convert option, Collaboration mode and powerful protection options.

2. Merging Two or More PDF Files

If you want to make a single file from multiple PDF files, you can easily do it online with PDFMerge and foxyutils. If you are not very much into online services, you can even use PDF Combine and do the job.

3. Translating PDF Files

If you receive a PDF document in a language you don’t understand, don’t panic. You can easily translate it with Google Translate. It can translate the document to any language you want.

Once you get the page opened, use browse button to upload the PDF file. Next, choose the language you want it translated into. You will find the ‘translate’ button on the right side of the page; click it and you will get a translated document.

4. Extracting the Text from a Scanned PDF Document

It’s often easy to extract text from a PDF document with the help of text selection tool. However, this is not always the case if the document comprises of scanned pages or pictures with the text. Using Google Docs, you can extract a scanned PDF file. You just have to upload the PDF file to your Google Docs account and it will transform the scanned pages into a format that you can select and copy easily.

5. Extracting the Selected Pages from a PDF File

If you want to extract only a few pages from PDF file with 100 or so pages, you can use an online tool PDFaid which gets your job done easily. All you need to do is to select the PDF file, read it and highlight the pages that you want to extract.

Use these tools and make the most of PDF files to enjoy the convenience and efficiency.

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