6 Excellent Tips for Marketing Your App in China

Marketing Your App in ChinaSmartphones are tremendously popular in China and Chinese people use them more than people in most other countries in the world. A survey states that usage of mobile devices is continuously growing in China, especially of Android.

When it comes to smartphones, the most enticing part for anyone is apps. No wonder, China, being the largest market for mobile devices, provides the most favorable environment for app developers.

However, developing a marketing strategy for a mobile app in China is not very easy since the app environment here is typically fragmented, complex and subject to strict regulatory restrictions and barriers. For instance, Google Play is practically banned in China; so, you may have to do more hard work for getting a suitable store and distributor for your app than you may have otherwise.

Here are a few useful and effective tips by marketingtochina for marketing your app in China.

1. Make Your Product Local

It makes sense to make your product appealing to the market in which you are going to promote it. It’s advisable to give your app an appealing Chinese name and plan a bilingual marketing strategy if you wish to gain traction in China. It’s also recommended to check all other solutions that you might adapt for your app for your target Chinese market.

2. Consider Hiring Locals

Having a local to help you understand the local market is extremely essential because he will not only help you overcome language hurdles but also help you understand what is popular and what is not in the local market. He can also help you choose the best app stores from among hundreds of them in China. These stores will be suit your products and will also manage your products’ distribution.

A few examples of China’s reputable app stores are Baidu Mobile Assistant, 360 Mobile Assistant, Tencent MyApp and Wandoujia. Keep in mind that most app stores will need you to pay them as much as 30% commission. In such a scenario, a good local partner can negotiate and make the best deal for you.

3. Advertise and Market Your Apps

Without the help of Google Play and Facebook, the options in China for marketing and advertising your apps become a lot limited. However, there is a solution. You can establish a presence of the social media platforms of China such as Weibo, WeChat and QQ, and using advertising networks like YeahMobi, Tencent DSP, Baidu DSP and AppFlood.

marketing your app on WeChat

4. Pay Attention to Users’ Needs

The power of reviewing is high in China. Word-of-mouth marketing is dominant and competition is quite fearsome. This makes it compulsory to be always connected with users, be aware of what they want and keep updating your apps accordingly. You can communicate with users through the social media sites in China and also through the widespread forums like Baidu Tieba. If you underestimate the importance of this step, there is a high risk that somebody else will drop in and grab your hard-earned position.

5. Think about Funds

Other important mattes to consider are pricing structures, payment and billing options, and whether to establish a legal entity in China to allow you to use local servers. You can get the help from marketingtochina to design the marketing strategy for your apps in China.

6. Growth on Chinese Social Media

A key component of your app marketing plans in China is social media marketing on Weibo and WeChat. However, social media marketing in China is different than that in other parts of the world. You can register in Weibo for an official mini-blog account for your app. A sign of “V” on your profile proves that your account is genuine. You can also invest in a sticky mini-blog on your followers’ wall so that it will be on the top and your followers won’t miss it.

Consider using all these steps and you are sure to succeed in the marketing of your app in the wonderful country of China.

Marketing Your App in China

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