Web Marketing VS Traditional Advertising in China – Trends to Follow in 2018

Web marketing in ChinaIn China, investing in traditional advertising like print media such as magazines and newspapers is continuously showing a decline, though the decline seems to be less than in past years.

The reduction in traditional advertising expenditure is in direct contrast to a constant increase in the latest advertising methods like web marketing through media like mobile device apps.

This is something that should be understood and remembered by businesses looking forward to advertising in Chinese markets so as to set their budgets as well as marketing plans and decide which kind of advertising will give the best results.

The decline in spending on traditional advertising at the cost of an increase in web marketing and other kinds of advertising need not surprise marketers since the trend has been going on for many years.

Taking this fact into consideration, you will have to plan out the 2018 web marketing strategy. There were some biggest marketing trends last year which can guide your B2B marketing in China this year. Here are a few useful facts and tips to remember.

Usage of Mobile Devices is Continuously on the Rise

Till June 2017, China had 724 million users of internet through mobile devices, which was 96.3 percent of the entire netizen population, a significant rise from 90.1 percent in 2015. In the meantime, the market for web advertising was 290.27 billion RMB and mobile ad contributed 60.29 percent of this. Before that in 2014, mobile advertising contributed to only 6 percent of the internet advertising market – thus there is 10x growth within only three years! It’s estimated that the percentage will rise to 80 percent in 2019.

Those who manage many PPC accounts every day has observed that usage of mobile devices is on the rise. Baidu is making efforts to drive more advertising dollars by offering more and more mobile-friendly features, like enhanced CPC bidding and call extension on mobile, which has attracted the attention of marketers.

Usage of Mobile Devices is Continuously on the Rise in China

WeChat has Gained More Importance than Ever for Businesses

At the Tencent Global Partners Conference, it was announced by WeChat that the app received 902 million users that logged in everyday by November 2017. 3.5 million active official accounts per month are serving 797 million users. It’s clear from this data that WeChat is still dominating the social media scene and it has become harder to attract people’s attention by using the official account.

Data also reveals that unlike in the Western countries, Chinese people love to use instant chatting tools in the workplaces to get connected with each other. WeChat is the most widely used tool, preferred over QQ (one more instant messaging/social media platform) and phone.

News Feed Ads are Increasing

Most Western marketers are familiar with news feed ads – they were launched by Facebook in 2006 followed by Twitter in 2011. Western marketers have heavily invested since then in this format since it gives highly targeted ads as per the user’s needs, browser history and interests.

However, for Chinese marketers, this is a new advertising product and got more traction in 2017. Actually, data reveals that mobile news feed ads are most popular marketing strategy now and Chinese businesses are likely to spend more on it in the future. It has been predicted that the news feed ads in China will grow at the rate of more than 50 percent and the advertising market will become 142.5 billion RMB.

Web marketing in China is changing fast. The above trends will continue to highly impact China’s digital marketing this year. Hopefully, you will get a great insight with this information while planning out your web marketing program.


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