How Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Rankings?

Social Media to Improve Your SEO RankingsRegardless of the fact that Google already told us (many times) that social media signals do not have a direct impact on the search ranking factor, there are other ways that social media can indeed influence SEO.

As a matter of fact, more webmasters are focusing more on link building to getting more likes and followers on social media. Let’s take a look at how social media marketing can help bring more visitors to your site and improving your overall SEO.

1. Drives Traffic

Traffic— it has been and always been one of the major ranking factors out there. And social media can influence the traffic to your site by providing more visibility to your content.

When lots of people share your content within their own network, they are going to send more traffic to your site and thus, boost your rankings.

2. Content Promotion

Social media can help improve your site ranking with the help of content promotions. Probably its best function is content sharing and it is the primary way that users engage with social media websites— whether it is through live streaming, photos, and videos, it is some form of content.

And if you are producing great content but do not reach your audience, all of your hard work will become futile. And this is where social media takes up the spotlight— empowering you to promote your quality content on a new channel and a fresh audience, providing you the boost to your brand.

And although the links from your social media shares may not have the same value as SEO backlinks from authoritative sites, it can influence bounce rate and on-site engagement. Creating killer content and the subsequent engagement metrics will give positive indications to the search engines.

3. Social Media Are Search Engines

People do not just use search engines to look for something. Due to search functionalities, even social media platforms on the

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