3 Essential Tips to Design Perfect Graphics to Make Your Webpages Engaging

design onlineDoes your website fail to engage visitors? Is its bounce rate extremely high? Are your visitors still unaware of what your website is all about? In that case, there are high chances that your website needs visually appealing graphics.

Whether you run a business or are an author or a professional photographer or an online fitness coach, you need that people visiting your website or social media page should stay there, navigate easily through your site and get interested to know more about you. All this is possible if the design of your website is engaging and that can be achieved with attractive graphics.

Don’t worry; you can get graphic design online and make your website attractive with certain tips and tricks. Here are a few.

1. Use the Right Images

The importance of graphics is emphasized with the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. However, not any graphic can fit the kind of message you’re trying to convey to your visitors. People usually don’t like to communicate with robots but want to see real people. Hence as far as possible, choose images of real people for your graphics because they can create a feeling of trust in your visitors’ mind. You can take help of a company like Desygner and their experts can even create graphics from the photos of your office, people working for you etc.

If you cannot do this, there are certain techniques with which you can choose the right kind of stock photos. All in all, you have to bring more realism to your brand and make sure the graphics suit who you are and what message you want to convey.

Use the Right Images

2. Don’t Avoid White Space

It’s extremely wrong to fill all the space with graphics. In fact, white space is an essential design element that increases readability of your page and relieves readers’ stress. For those who don’t know, white space is the empty space around and in between parts of content. But you should also remember to avoid having extra white space. Just the right amount of white space makes the graphics and other content on your website/webpage pleasant and attractive to readers’ eyes.

3. Add Only the Design Elements that are Purposeful

A great way to design effective graphics is to make every design element purposeful. You’ll find that experts at Desygner avoid extraneous design elements that have no purpose. For example, if you add a thick line to your graphic as a margin and then add several other lines to stylize the graphic, creating sections, the main thick line will serve the purpose, but the additional lines will actually make the text more difficult to read. Here, by removing the extraneous elements i.e. the additional lines, you can make the graphic look cleaner and convey your message more easily.

Add perfectly designed graphics to your webpage and you’ll be happy to see increased visitors and reduced bounce rate. All the best!

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